Kaizen Institute Saudi Arabia

Arrowad Group and Kaizen Institute inaugurated KAIZEN® activities in Saudi Arabia under an exclusive agreement with Arrowad Group.

Arrowad Group has always been eager for the development and growth of its training and consultation sector. Therefore, Arrowad made a number of strategic alliances with global bodies and institutes. In this context Arrowad signed this agreement with Kaizen Institute in March 2013.

This alliance with Kaizen Institute aims at promoting and encouraging a culture of quality and continuous improvement in diverse business sectors through a collection of consultation and training services on KAIZEN methodology.

As one of the latest performance improvement methodologies, KAIZEN success has emerged in the industrial fields in Japan, and soon spread to many international companies in Asia, America and Europe.

Although Toyota is considered one of the largest Japanese companies applying KAIZEN in all of its administrative operations, many large companies such as Daimler Chrysler, Ford, BSF, Unilever and others are now applying KAIZEN.

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KAIZEN Concept

KAIZEN was introduced by Mr. Masaaki Imai who founded Kaizen Institute in 1985 to introduce the culture of continuous improvement to global companies. KAIZEN, Sino-Japanese word that means "improvement" or "change for the best", is adopted by major companies such as Toyota.

KAIZEN team consists of over 400 consultants and trainers worldwide, each carrying rich years of work experience and recorded successful stories in their area of specialization. Before joining Kaizen Institute, most of our consultants and trainers had been working at senior managerial levels in leading industries worldwide. Furthermore, each one of our experts is from time to time received training programs to support the client on the Gemba (shop floor). As a team, we bring solution-based services to our client at Gemba.

KAIZEN is the choice for people everywhere to
improve every day.

KAIZEN Methodology

KAIZEN methodology is about small, continuous, cumulative improvements, which is gradually implemented on processes that lead to a remarkable positive change in the final product or service. Consequently, KAIZEN leads the organizations to achieve their strategic objectives through a well thought of plan.

KAIZEN can be applied in various sectors, such as industrial production, health services, education, and housing. KAIZEN principle is based on deleting (MUDA) any activities that do not really add value to the product or service. The principle of reducing waste can be implemented in major operations such as production, manufacturing and operational sectors to reduce errors and reach the required value of the process with the highest level of quality.

Where can KAIZEN be Implemented?

KAIZEN is different from other quality and continuous improvement methods, as it is implemented in the real workplace (GEMBA) where all activities taking place, the problems are visible and real value adding activities occur. The Gemba is the place where managers and employees should always look for the scope of improvement.

KAIZEN Management System - KMS

KAIZEN Management System (KMS) contributes to the overall success of a company. Based on the Toyota Production System, the key areas for focus are: quality, cost, delivery, motivation, safety, technology and environment. Every aspect of the value chain is addressed - from the external supplier, through a company's internal processes, finally to the end customer.

The KAIZEN Management System Audit encompasses all significant aspects of a company. This audit serves to determine which Lean tools will deliver the greatest gains during the KAIZEN process. To establish a culture of continuous improvement throughout the entire company, all staff members, from shop floor to the boardroom, should be involved and trained in KAIZEN methodologies, developing a KAIZEN management culture which will ensure its long term success.

KAIZEN Management System - KMS

KAIZEN Implementation & Its Benefits

KAIZEN concept can be implemented by using variety of techniques and tools to achieve operational excellence for organizations. Some examples of the benefits gained by companies worldwide are below:

  • 50% cost Reduction in Russian Automotive Company through KAIZEN system transformation and application of value stream design.
  • Warehouse Flow reduction from 475 meters to 50 meters - Picking Process, KPI success perceived through KAIZEN system of Process Mapping and 5S.
  • Stock reduction by 20% - TFM Initiative, OTD 95% ensured and confirmed through KAIZEN system of Kobetsu, 5S, Value Stream Design, SMED, Kanban and Mizusumashi.
  • Distribution Center Design for flow, processing time per piece reduced by 30%, processing space 47% dynamically attained through KAIZEN system of Process Mapping, Kanban and 5S.
  • 1.8 Mio savings on full factory transformation pulled off through KAIZEN system of Line Design, Leveling, Mizusumashi, Kobetsu, Autonomous Maintenance and SMED
  • 50% inventory reduction - Value Stream Design and leveling synchronization for client and logistic process successfully managed through KAIZEN Kanban, Leveling and Value Stream Design.
  • 40% space released and inventory by 66% at KAIZEN Coretec by 10 km Material Movements Reduction point accomplished through KAIZEN system of 5S, Kanban and Line Design.
  • 30% reduction of time to market. Line length 30% reduction achieved through KAIZEN System of Line Design: New layout for electronic line.
  • Reduce mistakes by orders of medicaments from 1% to 0.2%, improved availability of the radiograms, decreased waiting time of clients from 140 minutes to 20 minutes ensured through KAIZEN System of Process Mapping and Value Stream Design.
  • 39 % lead time reduction, 35% productivity increase in electronic company acquired through KAIZEN System of Value Stream Design.

KAIZEN Services

We provide KAIZEN services to public and private institutions in four key areas: training, consultations, certification programs, and benchmarking tours to international companies applying KAIZEN methodologies for continuous improvement.


The company performance can be optimized by refining your existing approach to develop a world class management system to suit your organization and its goals, as no companies are alike. KAIZEN Management System (KMS) helps any organizations attain their goals, by also adopting what can be learnt from the Toyota Production System.


KAIZEN offers various kinds of Training programs and workshops to enable employees professionally implement the concepts in the GEMBA and achieve the business improvement targets.

Arrowad Successful Experiences in offering KAIZEN Services

Arrowad conducted two training programs for the Ministry of Education in KSA. The training programs, which took place in Amsterdam are:

  • Lean Management in Operations and Maintenance.
  • Total Preventive Maintenance (TPM) applications for Buildings.

Kaizen Institute experts transferred practical experience of KAIZEN applications that are designed to reduce waste and increase productivity in the field of maintenance and operation. The programs included presentations and interactive exercises and witnessed excellent interaction from participants.

The program also included a full-day visit to Rotterdam port (the largest port in Europe) in order to have a closer look on the best practices of KAIZEN. In additions, knowledgeable speakers In the field from Dutch companies have delivered seminars on topics convenient to the needs of the participants and the nature of their work.

Arrowad KAIZEN Services
Arrowad offering KAIZEN Services

KAIZEN and Arrowad visits to Saudi Manufacturing Companies

  • KAIZEN and Arrowad Group visited some of the Saudi manufacturing companies in the Industrial City 2 in Riyadh. KAIZEN CEO, Mr. Jon Miller was introduced to the industrial operations and quality initiatives in these plants.
  • Operational Excellence via KAIZEN - Dammam: In cooperation with the Ashargia Chamber Arrowad Group organized a training program on KAIZEN Foundations. The program covered KAIZEN concept, different types of waste, Paradigm Shift, 5s campaign, Total Productive Management (TPM), Total Flow Management (TFM), Total Service management (TSM) in a addition to helping participants to have their way forward to their KAIZEN plan at their real Gemba.
  • Arrowad Group conducted two public simmers on Operational Excellence via KAIZEN Lean at the chambers of commerce in Dammam and Riyadh. These two events were attended by Senior managers of companies and industrial enterprises from the public and private sectors and those who were interested in the field of performance improvement. Mr. Jayanth Murthy, Director of the Kaizen Institute, India, aimed through his siminars to introduce the manner of the Japanese KAIZEN concept and its applications in life and business and to promote a culture of continuous improvement through several topics on KAIZEN, its history and its benefits and practical experiments from the real GEMBA. The seminar included also a definition of the Institute of kaizen Global and the strategies it follows. After Mr. Jayanth's speech there was an open session to share ideas and answer participants' questions who were very interactive and interested to know further.
Arrowad KAIZEN Services
KAIZEN and Arrowad visits to Saudi Manufacturing Companies