BigData analysis plays major role in business competitiveness at the local and the international levels. No matter developed or under-developed; businesses in the world economies will have to be enlightened by information. However, today's data from which we derive information has three dimensions:

- amount of data,
- speed of data transfer, and
- range of data sources.

This 3V model (according to Gartner) makes seizing competitive edges through BigData challenging, yet promising venture.

We at Arrowad Group think that the Kingdom's economy will increasingly use data-intensive technologies in realizing goals of the national development plans. With the spread of ICT across the private and public sectors in Saudi Arabia, it is expected that huge amounts of data will be generated. Extracting the information from this BigData will provide real opportunities to businesses in all sectors including health care, production, crime, security, natural disaster, resource management, etc.

Arrowad Group is one of the few firms in the region who have researchers specialized in BigData. We can help you to

  • research, capture, store, query, transfer,
  • analyze, and
  • visualize

BigData relevant to your business.

Arrowad's Multidisciplinary Research Model

Arrowad Group has a unique multidisciplinary research model interlinking state-of-the-art technology, infographics, visualization, data mining, BigData analytics, and influencer marketing to widen participation and promote accurate data collection. The presentation to the right give a glimpse on Arrowad's multidisciplinary research model.


Arrowad Group can help you setup, manage, and maintain your cloud. We provide consulting for cloud-based services such as Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, Pivotal Analytics Workbench, Cloudera, etc.

Arrowad Group is a registered partner with Amazon Web Services Partner Network. We can provide AWS support and connect with other AWS Partners around the world.

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Visual representation of data is an efficient method to present terabyte-scale data quickly and clearly. This is called data visualization. It goes beyond traditional graphics used to demonstrate statistical data to interactive and web-based visuals that use real-time data collected via various instruments.

Arrowad Group experts carried out significant research on the data visualization during the past few years. Accomplished work includes research projects for major customers such as the Saudi Aramco. There are also a number of ongoing proposals submitted by Arrowad Group to implementation national dashboards for monitoring KPIs for strategic initiatives.

Arrowad uses systematic and commonly accepted taxonomy of analytic activities for data visualization. Arrowad's approach is based on a taxonomy presented by three American scientists: Robert Amar, James Eagan, and John Stasko from Georgia Institute of Technology, USA.

This taxonomy classifies visualization tasks into 10 categories, these are: retrieving values, filtering them, computing derived values, finding extremes, sorting, determining ranges, characterizing distribution, finding anomalies, clustering and correlating values.

The above mentioned 10 categories of tasks can be further organized into three poles of activities: retrieving values, finding data points, and arranging data points. The data visualization approach followed by Arrowad Group is shown in the following animation:

fadeArrowad Data Visualization Approach

Sample of Arrowad Visualization Products

The following visualizations are based on hypothetical datasets and are not meant to demonstrated real results in any area. Even if they might look like real findings, the viewers should not quote or cite results displayed in these visualizations. Contact us if you have data and you want to visualize it using these tools.

Interactive Questionnaires

Data Analysis