BigData analysis plays major role in business competitiveness at the local and the international levels. No matter developed or under-developed; businesses in the world economies will have to be enlightened by information. However, today's data from which we derive information has three dimensions:

- amount of data,
- speed of data transfer, and
- range of data sources.

This 3V model (according to Gartner) makes seizing competitive edges through BigData challenging, yet promising venture.

We at Arrowad Group think that the Kingdom's economy will increasingly use data-intensive technologies in realizing goals of the national development plans. With the spread of ICT across the private and public sectors in Saudi Arabia, it is expected that huge amounts of data will be generated. Extracting the information from this BigData will provide real opportunities to businesses in all sectors including health care, production, crime, security, natural disaster, resource management, etc.

Arrowad Group is one of the few firms in the region who have researchers specialized in BigData. We can help you to

  • research, capture, store, query, transfer,
  • analyze, and
  • visualize

BigData relevant to your business.

Arrowad's Multidisciplinary Research Model

Arrowad Group has a unique multidisciplinary research model interlinking state-of-the-art technology, infographics, visualization, data mining, BigData analytics, and influencer marketing to widen participation and promote accurate data collection. The presentation to the right give a glimpse on Arrowad's multidisciplinary research model.